From the Yimeng mountain area to the world kite capital Weifang, and then to the Binhai Economic and Technological Development Zone; from the state-owned military enterprises restructuring for the shares of enterprises, and then to the development of the group, the way, the red flag came steadily. And was the red flag called "out of the mountains, into the city, the family trilogy," the development of the road, the perfect interpretation of what is gorgeous turned. Now Shandong Hongqi Electrical and Mechanical Group Co., Ltd. uphold the "military and civilian simultaneously, coordinated development" of the operating principle, is riding a "lifted the city's power to build coastal" east wind, and actively into the coastal "second pioneering" tide.

Enterprises to develop, the product is the key. 10 years, the red flag group unswervingly grasp the development of products to the Beijing Institute of Technology, Nanjing University of Technology, North University and other institutions, scientific research institutions for technical support, give full play to military technology advantages, aimed at high-tech industry direction and the country Industrial policy, successively with Japan Tsurumi Co., Ltd., Qingdao Henderson and other companies joint venture. Industrial products have been involved in agricultural equipment, environmental protection equipment, petroleum machinery, hydraulic machinery, auto parts, ship parts, large non-standard, multi-platform special heavy ammunition professional production enterprise development; Production and other fields. In recent years, the company gradually expanded the real estate, medical and other industries. In addition to the company headquarters, has to joint venture and other means to set up a registered subsidiary of seven. Companies adhere to the bigger and stronger, so fine to do special, innovation and development, tree quality awareness, build red flag brand.