Brand image articles

First, the company logo

Interpretation signs:
By the flying red flag and red flag extension of the composition of the earth-shaped oval composition. Chinese Pinyin "HONGQI" letter embedded in the ribbon. Its meaning is:
1, the red flag flying on the earth, the company is a symbol of vitality and takeoff, meaning the spirit of advancing with the times;

2, the composition of the logo graphic elements: flagpole and red flag constitute "H" -shaped, red flag extension of the oval and "HONGQI" letter blue band "Q" shape, composed of "red flag" phonetic alphabet abbreviation "HQ";

3, "H", "Q" are English high (high), quality (quality) of the first letter, showing "rigorous and pragmatic, honest and efficient" business philosophy and the pursuit of quality, innovative product concept. "H" also contains the human being (people) meaning, contains people-oriented, the best of their talent concept; letter blue ribbon was "S" deformation, meaning Service (service), contains the user-oriented service concept.

4, the main signs to red coloring, reflecting the vitality and vitality, is the strength and vigorous upward symbol. The blue letter band reflects the corporate standard color.