Military manufacturing company is Shandong Hongqi Electrical and Mechanical Group Co., Ltd. under the backbone of the subsidiary, the existing staff of more than 100 people. Military manufacturing company has a full set of mechanical processing equipment and improve the detection means, with AEH coordinate detection equipment, MAR-630H horizontal machining center, processing range 1000 × 800 × 810mm, positioning accuracy of ± 0.004mm / full stroke, cutting Capacity 700cm3 / min has a strong mold processing capacity, GMB1630 CNC gantry machining center, with the largest processing size 3200 × 2300 × 1000 (mm), the weight of 10000kg objects, high-precision coordinate boring, precision CNC car, vertical processing Center, a number of milling processing center, multi-function CNC lathes, internal grinding machine, cylindrical grinder, tool grinding and other equipment more than 100 sets of sets. Companies in recent years to pay great attention to the development of civilian projects, is to undertake long-term processing business, look forward to working with you for your cooperation. Companies adhering to the "military and civilian simultaneously, coordinated development" approach, take the innovative management, multi-channel joint venture, diversified business path. To the domestic institutions, scientific research institutions for technical support, give full play to military technology advantages, and the community is willing to friends to discuss cooperation.