Doctor, nurse
Job requirements:Have a qualification certificate     Education and professional:Graduated from college or higher      Number of people:5

[ 2017-07-08]


Machining operations
Job requirements:Have hard work, hard work     Education and professional:Mechanical and electrical integration, numerical control      Number of people:5

[ 2017-07-08]


Trade commissioner
Job requirements:More than 2 years working experience in foreign trade      Education and professional:Undergraduate, international trade, marketing, english    Number of people:1

[ 2017-07-08]


Military research and development
Job requirements:Graduates     Education and professional:Undergraduate, Postgraduate Ammunition Engineering and Explosion Technology      Number of people:2

[ 2017-07-08]


Workshop technology
Job requirements:More than five years working experience Education and professional:

Undergraduate, postgraduate agricultural mechanization and its automation      Number of people:1

[ 2017-07-08]


Workshop technology
Job requirements:More than one year working experience    Education and professional:

Undergraduate, postgraduate mechanical design and manufacturing and automation   Number of people:2

[ 2017-07-08]


★ salary and benefits

1. Trial period of 3 - 6 months, operating positions 1800 yuan / month, technical posts 2,500 yuan / month;

After the fixed level, the operation of the implementation of piece-rate wage system, generally in 3500-5000 yuan / month;

Technology, military research and development positions more than 3,000 yuan / month, more than 3,000 marketing positions, more than 4,000 graduate students.

2. part of the post to enjoy the year-end performance of wages, research projects allowances and bonuses;

3. In accordance with the provisions of the state signed a labor contract, to pay five insurance a gold;

4. The company provides free single dormitory; all staff to implement subsidies;

5. 8 hours a day work system, every day to rest 1 day, the statutory holidays to rest;

6. Companies to accept personnel files, accounts can fall off the company collective households;

7. Living in Weifang city staff, on, get off work by commuter bus.

★ company address and contact information

 Company Address: Headquarters: Weifang City Binhai Development Zone, Bohai Road, No. 15368 (Central)

 Military research and development: Weifang City Hanting District Tong Ting Street People 's Court west

 Red Flag Staff Hospital: Weifang City Kuiwen District Yuqing Street and cultural junctions

 Contact: Office of the Minister of Human Resources 0536-2968003

 Business Office 0536--2968022

 Company Website: E-mail: