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1, where my company provides all the products for the original authentic, qualified quality, equipment quality are in line with national and international related industry standards.

2, the company provides the product must be specified in the user's location, the scene opened.


Option 1: product after-sales service program

In order to better serve the needs of users, do a good job guiding the use of timely after-sales service work, our spirit of "all the pursuit of high quality, high quality, customer satisfaction for the purpose of" the spirit. To "good service, reliable product quality" principle to the user to make the following commitments:

First, the product quality commitment:

1, the product manufacturing and testing are in line with national standards.

2, the product has a professional testing personnel to detect, to ensure that the products of the indicators to meet your requirements.

3, our products provided by the warranty period if there are quality problems, we are willing to take all the responsibility.

Second, the commitment to delivery:

We will ensure that the products provided will be delivered to the designated place according to the time required by the requisite party. If you have special requirements and need to be completed ahead of time, we can negotiate with you to ensure the timely satisfaction of your needs.

Third, if the goods provided by the supplier out of the box, found that any problems (including appearance damage), should be used to accept the way to be resolved: timely repair and replacement for new products.

Fourth, in the warranty period, the same equipment, the same quality problems for three consecutive maintenance is still not normal use, we promise to replace the same brand, with the new model equipment, and product quality implementation of the "Three Guarantees" service. In the warranty period, the provision of equipment replacement, maintenance only received spare parts into

This fee does not charge artificial technology and service charges.

5, after-sales service capabilities and equipment in the design life of the period, we should be able to ensure that the user to replace the original authentic parts to ensure the normal use of equipment. The bidder shall specify the maintenance fee after the warranty period, the location of the maintenance spare parts and the location of the factory repair station.

Sixth, the establishment of a reasonable sales service management system and system:

1, pre-sale service. The establishment of a dedicated sales service agencies, the company will arrange the relevant professionals responsible for the field to teach the correct and timely use.

2, the sale of services. In order to prevent users from improper use and cause unnecessary losses, in the use of the product, the company will send the relevant technical staff to the grassroots to the user technical guidance. To ensure the correct use of the product, allowing users to use security, rest assured.

3, after-sales service. My company in 2 hours to respond to maintenance services, 12 hours to reach the site maintenance, if necessary to the site guidance, the company will be within 24 hours to arrange the relevant professionals to the designated location for timely guidance.

4, after-sales service that: the company's services are free services.

Seven, product sales plan

1, the normal operation of the equipment acceptance, the company assigned to the professional staff responsible for the site for your organization to provide unrestricted maintenance and use of operational training, the company organized training 2 times a year. Training includes: the correct operation of the use of equipment knowledge; identify the primary failure and the necessary

Recovery method; common troubleshooting method.

2, regularly send professionals to the owner at the equipment to see the operation of the situation. Using the "consultation system" and "reward and punishment system" in a way to completely solve the problem.